Primark sells ‘beautiful’ summer dress that looks ‘amazing on curvy women’

Primark shoppers have praised the bargain fashion retailer for selling a ‘beautiful’ summer dress which looks ‘amazing on curvy women’. On Instagram, the store shared a photo of fashion blogger Ashleigh Huish wearing the yellow ruffle maxi dress from Rita Ora’s collection.

Thousands of Primark fans loved the dress, not only for its color and design, but also for how “amazing” it looked on Ashleigh. The fashion blogger wore the dress in a size 18, which costs £25 in stores.

In the picture, Ashleigh poses on a balcony with her hair tied back and smiling. She also matches the dress with a pair of sandals and gold earrings.

In the caption, Primark wrote: “She thought the view was beautiful, but we thought her outfit was prettier.” Many people who love the dress rushed to the comment section.

Naomi replied, “Wonderful dress for a beautiful curvy woman.” Emma said, “Nice.” Paola stated, “I love the dress.” Abbie exclaimed: “Lovely dress, looks great on this woman.”

Many are even urging Primark to collaborate with the fashion blogger. One fan, whose comment has been liked over 100 times, wrote: “You need this woman to create a plus size range. She knows what she’s doing, she’s going to crush her.”

Jodie said: “Primark what are you waiting for? … Collaboration”. Jo wrote: “Love this, Ash is amazing – please let her show you how to dress for plus size ladies.”

Zara urged: “We need a plus size collaboration! Come on Primark”. Another asked: ‘Please get a plus size range? Ash knows his stuff.” Hayley commented: “You should do your own clothing range with Primark for us curvy ladies.”