New Barrington Patterson tribute unveiled at Birmingham City as widow says ‘I’m proud’

The widow of City legend Barrington Patterson said she was “immensely proud” after unveiling a tribute to her late husband at St Andrew’s. A life-saving defibrillator has been set up at the Blues ground in memory of Patterson – affectionately known as One-Eyed Baz.

The Birmingham City superfan died of a heart attack in March 2022 aged just 56. He was seen as a legendary figure in the city for his tireless charity work.

Baz’s wife Tracey unveiled a new defibrillator – the second donated in her husband’s memory – outside St Andrew’s on Saturday (May 11). The first was staged outside Bambu in Chinatown last year.

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Tracey was joined by tycoon Jeremy Dale, sports commentator Tom Ross and Baz’s pals at the weekend. She told BirminghamLive: “Barrington would be extremely proud to have a defibrillator in its beloved city of Birmingham.

“He campaigned in schools and prisons with the ‘knives down, gloves up’ campaign, so it was also important to have a double cupboard containing a bleeding control kit. Lynne Baird worked with me and supported me in getting a custom cabinet that was reminiscent of Barrington and also her son Dan.

“The friends of Barrington and Birmingham City FC have been a huge support in working with me to continue Barrington’s legacy. We will now work to have defibrillator number three installed in Birmingham city centre.

“Thank you to all the wonderful people who continue to support me.” Baz was a member of Birmingham City hooligan group Zulu Warriors in its early days. However, the former kickboxer has been praised for turning his life around and giving his desire to help others.