“I’m counting the money for the ambulance and the police, but I have no other choice”

A Huddersfield man has been left waiting months for a therapy appointment despite years of mental health problems.

Andy Horner, 48, who goes by the name ‘Anxious Andy’ online, has been receiving treatment for his mental health problems at Folly Hall Mills in Huddersfield for years. Now, he has been told that he needs specific therapy – Dialectical Behavioral Therapy for his Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder (EUPD).

However, Andy, from Shepley, has now been waiting 12 months for therapy to start and is struggling with his condition while he waits.

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Over the past few months, Andy has overdosed and attempted suicide several times, ending up in A&E each time. He often calls the crisis team but is often told to go to A&E – something he finds difficult to do as he struggles with suicidal thoughts.

He said: “I am left to overdose. They’ll bring me in and just tell me there’s therapy you have to go through, but as you know, because of the mental health cuts and stuff. so, I can’t get that therapy.”

Andy Horner(Image: Andy Horner)

Andy is also not sure how long he will have to wait for therapy as there are a lot of considerations before he can start. He said: “It just depends when a place comes up. It all depends on whether you are ready for that therapy.

“There are so many gaps in whether you can have therapy, whether you’re ready for it, whether you can commit to it. There’s a lot of work, if your mind isn’t in a good place, are you going to go to therapy twice a week, which would mean I have to miss work too?”