Blackpool and Tottenham councils win funding to boost on-the-go recycling

Hubbub and the Natural Source Waters Association (NSWA) have announced the winners of the In The Loop grant fund which was launched in January to launch public recycling points and boost out-of-home recycling in two new areas.

The £12.5k fund for each local authority aims to help reduce litter and increase recycling by collecting more bottles and drink cans and putting these items back into the loop for recycling.

The new #InTheLoop campaigns will involve the launch of bright, colorful and eye-catching bins, targeted messaging and local partnerships to encourage positive behavior change.

Enveco NW Environmental Services, in partnership with Blackpool Council, will be introducing new recycling bins on Blackpool Promenade to support residents and visitors to recycle when visiting the beach or attending an event.

North Eats London Haringey Council, Veolia and Destination Tottenham Stakeholders will introduce new recycling bins along a section of Tottenham High Road, one of the busiest in North London and home to Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, which attracts 60,000 people in the area for football, sports and music. evenimente.

Learnings will contribute a renewed perspective to the #InTheLoop toolkit, an in-depth guide on how to launch successful campaigns, for the benefit of other interested local authorities and organizations who can access the learnings and downloadable assets for free.

Gavin Ellis, director and co-founder of Hubbub, said: “These new campaigns will allow #InTheLoop to build on its legacy of introducing efficient on-the-go recycling to parks, towns and cities across the UK and Ireland, and we would welcome it. conversations with other companies and brands to support future grant funding so we can meet the demand for new locations.”

Anthony Walker, NSWA Stakeholder Engagement Specialist, said: “These two new projects will capture thousands more drink containers, allowing them to be turned into new ones and stopping them from ending up as litter. Collecting drinks containers for recycling is a priority for all our members. Until a deposit return scheme is launched in the UK, we’re delighted to support #InTheLoop and hope to see more local authorities using the toolkit that Hubbub has made available.”

Barry Francis, director of environment and resident experience at Haringey Council, said: “We were delighted to hear that our innovative waste and recycling teams for #InTheLoop funding were successful and we look forward to working with Hubbub, the Association for Source Water Naturale and our neighborhood partners. to deliver this exciting project. These eye-catching bins will give people more chances to recycle when they’re on the go and help keep our streets cleaner. I look forward to seeing the very real improvements for residents, businesses and visitors to this busy and vibrant area of ​​our neighbourhood.”

Jez Evans, Operations Director at Enveco NW said: “Blackpool provides bins at all beach access steps during the bathing season (May to September) between North Pier and South Pier. The awarding of the grant is a great opportunity to increase the recycling of materials that would normally be disposed of as general waste without separation. Enveco will purchase 20 dedicated recycling bins to maximize the recycling potential for thousands of daily boardwalk and beach users, while reducing waste from traditional bins/waste.”