Elderly and disabled people ‘forced onto road’ due to non-considered Tier scooter parking

Residents in an area of ​​Bristol have complained that e-scooters are blocking pavements and elderly and disabled people are being forced onto the road to cross. Electric scooters, which are part of the city’s electric vehicle fleet since Tier, have been described as a “massive problem” in Hotwells.

According to a resident, who wished to remain anonymous, people are “throwing” the electric scooters wherever they feel like, leading to blackouts. The problem is believed to be worse on Hotwells Road and Merchants Road, according to the resident. Tier has been contacted for comment.

The resident said: “There is a massive problem with scooters in Hotwells as people literally dump them everywhere. It blocks the sidewalks and the app allows them to finish the race anywhere.

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“There is no parking and a lot of children, elderly and disabled people have to walk on the road (to pass scooters on the pavements) because Tier will not do anything. I have reported several times and they say they remove in two hours, but nothing happens.”

Residents called the sidewalk blocking “borderline ridiculous.”(Image: Submitted Image)

Another resident, who wished to remain anonymous, said the problem has been going on for months and is getting worse. He said: “You can’t take a pram or a wheelchair on the street without going on the road, it’s so dangerous and ridiculous.”

In March, electric scooters and bicycles were seen blocking an entire sidewalk in Bedminster. The carrier said at the time that it had made some changes to prevent the problem from happening again, including updating the app.