The Feeling treat Sheffield to indie pop bangers during their greatest hits show at The Foundry

The Foundry is an intimate venue packed with hordes of Sheffield students ready to let their hair down on a Poptarts Saturday night.

But on Monday, a band still going strong after two decades in the music business took to the stage to send fans on a nostalgic trip back to the nineties as The Feeling shared 15 of their biggest hits for the tour called “The Greatest Hits”. .

The Feeling released their first single in 2006, which means, rather frighteningly, that most of the 18-year-old Freshers who usually grace The Foundry dancefloor would have only been born when the band first arrived in the mainstream.

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The band enjoyed a string of hits in 2006 and it didn’t take long for them to arrive, with Fill My Little World coming on the heels of opener War’s Not Won, which is taken from their latest album, San Vito.

It’s fair to say that not many in the audience were on board with the opening track, but Fill My Little World transported everyone back to simpler times and a simple pop/rock song that still sounds fresh today just 18 years on later.

Never Be Lonely soon followed as lead singer Dan Gillespie Sells took over the crowd singing to pit one side of the audience against the other, the left winning for sure if anyone wanted to know!

The sixth song saw a change in mood and atmosphere as the bright lights dimmed to leave just Dan and a piano as he made his way through Rosé. It was another crowd favorite and showed the variety of songs that The Feeling have in their vast catalogue, with Strange another that stood out as more honest and soulful songs, in contrast to some of the more blatant pop/rock songs and strongest that ranked in 2006.