New 650 models coming from Royal Enfield: Could anyone be a Scrambler?

When Royal Enfield introduced its two-cylinder 650 Interceptor and Continental GT models about six years ago, we thought we’d see follow-up models soon after. It was not the case; it was a few years before we saw the twin-cylinder Shotgun 650 and Super Meteor market, and given the rapid fluctuation of the RE range in recent years, it seemed likely that we’d see a new platform debut before we saw any other new platforms. role models.

That seems not to be the case and we can probably expect two new 650 twins from Royal Enfield in the coming months.

This scrambler was built in 2020 by the Latvian branch of Royal Enfield. It gives an idea of ​​what the new Bear 650 could look like… we’ve been waiting for a scrambler 650 for years. Photo: Royal Enfield Latvia’s Dennis Chung has revealed US and European trademark filings for two new models: the Interceptor 650 Bear and the Classic 650 Twin. Here’s what he says about the cars:

Of the two, we believe the Royal Enfield Interceptor Bear 650 is likely to appear soonest, as RE’s parent company Eicher Motors initially filed trademark applications for the name in April 2023, with a separate filing in the US for ” Royal Enfield INT. Bear 650” (Honda claims use of the Interceptor name with motorcycles in North America). We didn’t hear much about the name for a while after that as Royal Enfield focused on the Shotgun and Super Meteor models, but things started to pick up again earlier this month when Eicher filed for a bear in bear shape logo.

What will the models be? Obviously, the Classic will bear a lot of resemblance to the other Classic models in the line. As for the Bear, its association with the INT/Interceptor models could indicate a scrambler-esque machine, as those bikes are already commonly used for scrambler conversions.

Or maybe not. Whatever the case, it’s interesting to see the new machines confirmed as it means we can expect Royal Enfield to continue producing the 650 platform for the next few years.