Wife of murdered JLR worker says ‘her favorite person in the world is gone’

A grieving wife has broken her silence following the tragic killing of her ‘sweet and funny’ husband at the hands of a gang. Ian Kirwin had left their house to go buy a switch but tragically never returned.

The 53-year-old Jaguar Land Rover worker was brutally stabbed in the heart in the toilets of an Asda store in Redditch, reports BirminghamLive. He challenged the behavior of a group of Ian youths, but was attacked by a 14-year-old boy.

Ian was pronounced dead outside the shop in March 2022, despite the efforts of passersby who tried to save his life. Now, two years on, his devastated wife Lyndsey has said she wants those responsible for his death to be rehabilitated and become “better people”.

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But for her, life will never be the same. She said: “It completely changed my life. The person I was on March 7, 2022 no longer exists.

“Half of me died that day (the day of the stabbing, March 8, 2022). I struggle with anxiety every day. I miss him every day. I question everything around me. It makes me incredibly worried about the future. I feel very vulnerable and very empty The future I had in place is gone.

Paying tribute to Ian, she said: “He was very sweet, very funny, incredibly intelligent. He remembered facts about things you didn’t even know existed. He was a massive animal lover, a big kid. The sweetest, kindest, loving, supportive, wonderful human being would leave the house and come back with an animal he had rescued.”

After what was a ten-week trial, the teenager, now 15, was found guilty of Ian’s murder last February. He was detained for 14 years.

His identity, like that of others, cannot be revealed for legal reasons. A 16-year-old boy was sentenced to a 36-month youth rehabilitation order – this includes 36 months’ supervision – for violent disorder and possession of a knife. Two other boys, aged 14 and 15, were given a 24-month youth rehabilitation order – which includes supervision for 24 months – for violent disorder.

Redditch murder victim Ian Kirwan, left, and his wife Lyndsey at Birmingham Crown Court after the verdict

Addressing those involved in her husband’s death, Lyndsey added: “Get better. Ian would want them to rehabilitate. He would want them to be better people. Take a positive out of this situation, learn of it, finish your education. be kind to people, be good to yourself, have a future, meet people, live a nice and decent life and live it to the fullest.

She added: “I shouldn’t have to know information about how you try to resuscitate a stab wound to the chest or know information about the legal system like I do. No one should have to hear these things about their spouse, their loved ones, ever. Carrying a knife gives you a false sense of security If no one carries a knife then everyone is safe I would urge parents to talk to their children, look for changes in their behavior and talk to them about the repercussions of carrying a knife. weapon.

“Ask them what they think about it, why would they want to do it? Try to get them to look at the big picture. That if you take someone’s life, how is that going to affect someone’s world.”

Concerns about knife crime can be reported anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or via Fearless at