Family challenges family doctor’s surgery on domestic abuse victim’s death

Mystery surrounds the death of a domestic abuse victim who used to be hit and beaten by her husband, an inquest has revealed. An inquest into the death of Susan Tregear could not come up with an explanation for her death.

Susan, 56, from Camborne, was abused by her husband in May 2022, the coroner’s court was told. The violent attack on her meant that Susan required hospital treatment for a perforated bowel. The Redruth-born woman had to have part of her bowel removed as a result of the operation.

The inquest held in Truro today (Tuesday, May 14) was told that Susan’s recovery was long and drawn out as her wound continued to reopen. It meant he spent nine months in hospital and a further three months convalescing in Newquay before moving into a new flat in Camborne last year.

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Her sister Patricia Opie told the inquest that Susan’s family were concerned that the injuries she received at the hands of her husband could have led to her death. However, the inquest heard that the post-mortem examination was inconclusive and that the abuse she received a year or so earlier could not be linked to her later health problems.

Similarly, a toxicology report found nothing but the medication Susan was prescribed for anxiety and bowel problems.

The inquest was told that for a time, Susan was happy in her new flat and appeared to have turned a corner with her health. Mrs Opie said last May she contacted Susans GP practice, Carn to Coast Health Centers – one of Cornwall’s largest GP practice groups with around 30,000 patients on its books – because she was concerned about her condition Susan’s.