Mom’s fingers amputated after dog bite, now suing paramedics

A West Country mother is suing paramedics after her fingers were amputated due to sepsis which she believes was the result of not receiving proper medical treatment after a dog bite. Michelle Ellis, 45, also from Plymouth, says she was bitten by the family dog ​​twice on her right wrist and outer forearm, leading to “flu-like symptoms” just two days later.

She called an ambulance and showed paramedics her bruised skin, which had a mottled appearance, and told them she was suffering from a high temperature, shortness of breath and chills. However, paramedics reportedly decided not to take her to hospital and instead instructed her to undress, cover herself with a sheet, use a fan to keep her temperature down and take paracetamol to- and manage pain.

Ms Ellis’s health deteriorated rapidly and she was rushed to Derriford Hospital, Plymouth Live reports. There, she suffered multi-organ failure, was induced into a coma, resuscitated several times and diagnosed with severe sepsis.

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The medical ordeal also required partial amputations on all her fingers and she underwent an emergency tracheostomy to facilitate breathing. Ms Ellis is now suing paramedics, claiming their failure to take her to hospital when she first called for help led to a delay in diagnosis and treatment, which ultimately led to her losing her fingers.

She claims that if she had been taken to hospital sooner, the infection could have been treated before it got so bad.

A woman who had to be rescued from her home after falling from her wheelchair is suing paramedics for more than £200,000, claiming they missed the telltale signs of head trauma. Sharon Ellis was found unconscious on the floor of her home by a neighbor after falling out of her wheelchair.

Paramedics who arrived on the scene did not check her for head injuries, but instead diagnosed her with a mental health crisis and arranged for her to be transported to a psychiatric facility. However, after being assessed by the mental health team, Ms Ellis’ condition deteriorated and she was transferred to hospital.