The owner of the forest, Marinakis, is with the explosion of the ref

Nottingham Forest owner Evangelos Marinakis has no regrets about the club’s recent actions.

The Premier League side have been very critical of the referees after certain defeats this term.

While he is limited to safety in the Premier League, Marinakis spoke about a statement from his club which suggested that the PGMOL had appointed a biased official for their games.

“The truth is this referee is well known to be a Luton fan – and no doubt declared his interest to the PGMOL, as everyone must,” he told Daily mail.

“In my opinion, PGMOL should not have picked him for this match. Luton were just below Forest at the time. In the relegation final, in 18th place.

“The game against Everton was extremely important for the club’s survival in the Premier League. PGMOL should not have risked even the suspicion or perception of any bias, even unconscious bias. To be clear, we do not expect to dictate or enforce change in PGMOL or the Premier League, but it is our duty to warn of a situation and be proactive.”