BBC Weather is forecasting thunderstorms after a mini heatwave

Meteorologists are predicting that the weather will drastically worsen following the mini-heatwave, where temperatures have reached 26 degrees. But now – according to BBC forecasters – there will be “thunder showers and light winds” this Thursday, May 16 and Saturday, May 18.

The rest of the week doesn’t look too promising either, with non-stop rain and gray skies. The silver lining is that the sun should come out through the clouds so hopefully it won’t be too gloomy.

Temperatures will also be around 18C, making sure things don’t get absolutely freezing. The future forecast can be found below.

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Thunderstorms are forecast this week(Image: Getty Images)

According to the BBC, “rain will ease and slowly clear eastwards, clearing most areas later this afternoon but remaining fairly cloudy” for today, May 14.

While this evening it will be ‘cloudy into the early hours of the night with a few light showers developing for a time. Becoming drier later with some clearer spells developing from the west towards dawn.”

Tomorrow, May 15, “the morning will be clear low clouds to the east with only a small chance of rain. Most parts of the afternoon will be dry with plenty of sunshine. A warmer day.”

And from Thursday, May 16 to Saturday, May 18, things will be just as miserable. The BBC says that “Thursday looks set to see a mix of variable cloud, sunny spells and a few showers moving in from the east through the afternoon. It should be mostly dry on Friday with plenty of sun and a slight chance of showers. On Saturday, an area of ​​cloud and rain will move in from the east, becoming locally thundery.”