Majorca residents are calling for UK tourists to be ‘arrested’ over dress code

Majorca residents have called for British tourists to be “arrested” for breaking a lesser-known dress code.

The Mallorca Daily Bulletin captured an image of a tourist shopping in Majorca in comfortable green trunks, which locals claim is a breach of strict swimwear laws and are calling for his arrest. One local expressed his frustration, declaring: “No modesty.”

Another asked: “Just why? Would they consider walking around their own city center like that?”

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A business owner in the area told the Bulletin “that the blunt truth about the state of things is that some tourists think they can do whatever they like.” Another local commented: “Disrespectful, should be arrested and fined,” reports Birmingham Live.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises on its website: “In some parts of Spain it is against the law to be out on the street wearing only a bikini or swimming shorts. Being bare chested is also illegal in some areas of Spain.

“You can be fined if you are caught wearing a bathing suit on the seafront promenade or adjacent streets. For security reasons, some public authorities in Spain do not allow burkas or niqabs to be worn in their buildings. If you visit the town hall buildings wearing a burka or niqab, you may be asked to remove it while inside.”