Teacher’s ‘ambiguous’ Snapchat response to schoolgirl who called her ‘sexy’

A teacher sent “ambiguous” replies on Snapchat after a schoolboy called her “sexy”, a jury was told.

Rebecca Joynes, 30, admitted breaching safeguarding rules as a teacher by contacting the boys on Snapchat and then bringing them back to her flat in Salford Quays.

She was already suspended from her high school job and on bail for alleged sexual activity with Boy A, 15, when she allegedly took the virginity of the second boy, known as Boy B, 16. of which she later became pregnant. No teenager should be identified.

Joynes denies any sexual activity took place with Boy A, whose semen was recovered from her bed sheets, and said the relationship with Boy B only began after he left school and she lost her job as teacher so no crime was committed as he was no longer in a position of trust.

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On Tuesday, the defendant was questioned by the prosecutor, Joe Allman, for the second day, as he pointed out “similarities” in both cases. He said both boys were 15 when she started taking each of them to her flat and that they both communicated with her on Snapchat – where the messages are deleted and cannot be retrieved by police.

In both cases, the activity was a secret from their parents and they both flirted with her, Boy A calling her “sexy” and Boy B sending her a text saying “Fuck off outside”.