Martin Lewis wants people to claim huge amounts of cash right now

Martin Lewis is urging people to claim what could be tens of thousands of pounds each as a huge pot of cash remains untouched.

The founder of Money Saving Expert is known for his tips and tricks as he strives to save people money. Mr Lewis also informs people how they can recover any money previously paid, and on Wednesday he did just that.

Amid the ongoing cost of living crisis, Mr Lewis’ advice has never been more needed and fans who sign up to the MSE newsletter receive weekly financial guidance.

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Part of this week’s update, which Mr Lewis also shared on X today, is related to pensions. And he said there was a whopping £27 billion in “lost pensions”.

He said: “Are you one of those with £10,000 stashed away? Pensions are big money. However, you’d be surprised how often people lose track of everything, including old employment pensions.”

An MSE fan called Jodi got in touch because she and her husband had managed to find an £82,000 pension. She said: “Thank you Martin. We didn’t know where to start looking as it was over 40 years ago and my husband couldn’t remember who it was with as he had lost all the papers.