Fight within! Compare two 350cc bikes, check

Royal Enfield Classic vs Hunter: One of the longest running cruiser bike brands in India is Royal Enfield due to its powerful build and outstanding performance. The manufacturer is renowned for creating cruiser bikes with outstanding off-road and on-road performance. However, a lot of companies now offer a variety of additional possibilities, but many still struggle to choose a Royal Enfield bike because there are so many to choose from. The two most popular cruiser bikes from the same brand, Royal Enfield Classic 350 and Hunter 350, are included in this comparison. Let’s go over the specifications of these bikes to make it easier for you to choose the right one.

Royal Enfield Classic vs Hunter: Specifications

The 349cc BS6 engine that powers the Royal Enfield Classic 350 churns out 20.2bhp and 27Nm of torque.

Specifications Royal Enfield Hunter 350 Royal Enfield Classic 350
Motor 349.34 cc 349 cc
Power 20.2 hp 20.2 hp
Couple 27 Nm 27 Nm
tachometer 36 kmpl 32 kmpl
Transmission 5-speed manual 5-speed manual
Low weight 177 kg 195 kg
Fuel tank capacity 13 liters 13 liters
Seat height 800 mm 805 mm
Price Variant – Retro Factory

1,49,900 Rs
Average ex-showroom price

Variant – Redditch – Single channel ABS

Rs. 1,93,080
Average ex-showroom price

The 349.34 cc BS6 engine that powers the Royal Enfield Hunter 350 produces 27 Nm of torque and 20.2 horsepower.

Learn more about the differences

The latest Classic 350 model now has a USB charging connector in addition to a semi-digital instrument cluster. The redesigned cluster features an LCD screen with an odometer, odometer, clock and fuel gauge, in addition to an analog speedometer. Instead, the Hunter 350’s suspension system consists of dual rear shocks and telescopic front forks to handle the suspension responsibilities. Instead, the base model’s braking system consists of a single-channel ABS, a cylinder unit at the rear and discs at the front.

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