Monster Mansion corridors coined the word “nonce” as the meaning explained

The origin of the word ‘Nonce’ has been revealed to have started in the corridors of HMP Wakefield – also known as the Monster Mansion.

The prison is notorious for housing some of the worst and most notorious criminals, including convicted child sex offenders and serial killers. All prisoners are classified in category A.

Among those who have served or are currently being punished are ‘Hannibal the Cannibal’ Robert Maudsley, ‘Britain’s Worst Rapist’ Reynhard Sinaga and ‘Dr. Death’ Dr Harold Shipman, reports Yorkshire Live.

The term ‘nonce’, a British slang word for pedophile, was actually coined within the walls of Wakefield prison, originating from an acronym used by staff.

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The TV program HMP Wakefield: Evil Behind Bars revealed that the acronym NONCE was marked on the cell card of any prisoner who might be at risk of violence from other prisoners, indicating that their cell doors should not be opened when other prisoners they were outside.

According to the documentary, NONCE stands for “not on normal courtyard exercise” or “non-communal exercise” and was first used in this context in Yorkshire Prison. This claim is supported by other online sources that lend credence to the prison’s claim to be the birthplace of the term.

The term is recorded in the Urban Dictionary, and ‘InsideTime’, a monthly digital and print newspaper for inmates, also confirms the theory that the phrase originates from Wakefield Prison. Twitter users expressed their shock at this revelation. @KCleobury wrote: “So the word NONCE comes from Wakefield, makes you so proud. #Wakefield.”