Scooters Coffee comes to Navarre joining Brent, Gulf Breeze Pace

The development of the first Scooter’s Coffee location in Navarre is still in the works.

If the project is approved, the new Scooter’s Coffee will be built along Navarre Parkway on approximately 0.8 acres of land.

The project’s developers previously sought its approval last year, but have made some minor changes to their plans since then, such as reducing the number of lanes the store’s traffic lane will have.

There are already three Scooter’s Coffee locations between Escambia and Santa Rosa counties. This proposed project would be the first franchise location in the Navarre area.

There is a Scooter’s Coffee location in Brent, another is in Gulf Breeze, and the most recent location is in Pace, which opened its doors to the public last September.

The Nebraska-based chain has been around for 25 years and has more than 600 locations in 29 states, according to a company release.

Here’s what we know about the potential drive-thru coffee shop coming to Navarre.

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Is Scooter’s New Coffee Coming To Me?

An address for the project site is not yet available, but its plans show developers plan to build the proposed location off Navarre Parkway near Half Hitch Tackle.

The store is planned to be a one-story building of 600 square meters with an accompanying parking lot.

The latest set of site plans includes a carriageway and a row of parking lots replacing a second lane originally proposed last year.

The project’s elevation and site plan filed with Santa Rosa County indicates the building will be constructed identically to other Scooter’s Coffee franchises.

What’s on the menu at Scooter’s Coffee?

Scooter’s Coffee offers a variety of craft beverages, whether hot, cold or frozen, alongside a select list of food items. Their quick service model encourages customers to “clean faster” using the Scooter’s Coffee app, which helps earn free drink rewards.

The Mobile Order Ahead option allows customers to pick up their order directly from the drive-thru window.

As the name suggests, there are dozens of coffee options available at Scooter’s, ranging from the traditional caramel to one of Scooters’ limited-time offerings, such as S’mores.

Similar to their coffee counterparts, there are plenty of flavors to choose from in Scooter’s smoothies and teas.

Food at Scooter’s Coffee ranges from breakfast sandwiches and burritos to cake bites and omelets.

Their children’s menu consists of miniature versions of their food options, in addition to caffeine-free beverages, including pretzels, cookies, and mini smoothies.

Customers can also choose from Scooters’ “Dollar Delights” menu, which includes mini donuts, bottled water and hot coffee.