The woman who “thought she spilled coffee in the cupboard” realizes it’s much worse

A woman preparing her morning cup at work made a grim discovery when she opened the cupboard in the break room.

She thought she spilled coffee beans all over the place at first – that is until they started moving.

Sharing photos on Reddit, user Echowolfe88 revealed that what initially appeared to be coffee beans covering cupboard doors and shelves turned out to be hundreds of ants living inside.

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According to the post, the invasion happened over a weekend because the closet was spotless the previous Friday (May 10). The poster read this disturbing incident: “Ant situation we found at work when we went to make coffee.”

Graphic evidence showed repulsive groups of ants crawling over mugs, coffee packets and boxes. Extreme close-ups exposed shelves completely overrun with ants and possibly eggs.

Adding to the horror, the original poster revealed that the infestation took place in a school setting.